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For Information or appointment please call 215-732-0200
The Tuttleman Center / 1840 South St. / 19th & South / Philadelphia, PA 19146


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"Bunion" is the layman's term
for a deformity in the first
metatarsal-phalangeal joint,
(just behind the big toe).
There are many causes
for this problem but one fact
is common to all of them:
Bunion deformities
grow worse if not treated!

Dr. Chairman Comments:

"Conservative care goes a long way
in slowing down
the progression
of this deformity. It may make surgery
unnecessary. However, if surgery
is required, one must
be careful
to choose the correct type of
procedure for the
type of bunion
he or she has. There are in excess
of 130 types
of procedures.
A surgeon's experience is most
important in
selecting the correct one."