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For Information or appointment please call 215-732-0200
The Tuttleman Center / 1840 South St. / 19th & South / Philadelphia, PA 19146


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Fungus nails (onychomycosis) is an
extremely common disorder
Depending on your source, it is
estimated that between 7 and 40 million

adults in the United States have
some form of the condition.
Nail Fungus often
presents itself as a
thickened, brittle nail with changes
in color
that range from yellow-white
to gray to black. In many cases they

eventually cause pain and secondary
bacterial infections to toes and feet.

Tight shoes, minor injuries to toes,
untreated athletes foot,
problems, diabetes and immune
problems (i.e. HIV)
can all
contribute to this medical condition.

Nail fungus enjoys dark, moist,
and warm areas to grow.

What better place is there than
a foot inside a shoe?
All the
environmental factors
are there for its growth.

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Dr. Chairman Comments:

"Recently, there have been great strides in
treating this resistant problem.

Oral and topical medications have
passed FDA scrutiny and are
by prescription. While the oral medication
has some
side effects with a small
percentage of people, it offers the patient

an opportunity to finally rid themselves
of a problem that has plagued
for years. With proper monitoring and
evaluation of a patient's
medical history,
a good choice of treatment
can be made and administered."

"A new topical medication with
few side effects is also available.

While none of these medications are
100% effective, they can in combination

offer an excellent chance
of recovery and complete healing."

"Consultation and review of your condition
would be the
step in initiating treatment."