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For Information or appointment please call 215-732-0200
The Tuttleman Center / 1840 South St. / 19th & South / Philadelphia, PA 19146


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Hammertoes with overlapping 5th toes.

Toes curl into the shape
of a claw, raised in the middle.
Corns usually form where
the toes rub against the shoe
causing even greater
pain and discomfort.


Dr. Chairman Comments:

"A surgeon must determine the cause
of the hammertoes
deciding on the proper treatment."

"Structural deformities, arthritis,
neurological problems,

even improper shoes can all
result in hammertoes.

Choosing the incorrect procedure
can lead
to a less desirable result."

X-ray of pre-op
case of hammertoes
and cartilage loss.

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Post-op shows
same patient
after cartilage