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For Information or appointment please call 215-732-0200
The Tuttleman Center / 1840 South St. / 19th & South / Philadelphia, PA 19146


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A bony growth or calcification
that extends forward from
under the heel and pulls on the
plantar tissue causing the
painful inflammation known
as "Plantar Fasciitis"

An advanced case of heel spurs
that required a surgical solution.
Dr. Chairman has marked the
x-ray (on the right) to make the patient
aware how the procedure
will return the heel to a
more normal pain-free condition.


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Dr. Chairman Comments:

"It should be noted that over 94%
of all patients that visit my office
with this problem respond to
conservative care. Stretching exercises,
support of the arch of the foot,
and medication combine to give
much relief. A surgical solution
is only the last resort."