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For Information or appointment please call 215-732-0200
The Tuttleman Center / 1840 South St. / 19th & South / Philadelphia, PA 19146

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Painful growth of toughened
skinthat often takes the shape
of a kernal of corn.

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Pump Bump
Often an indication of a
biomechanical problem,
this is a bump at the back
of the heel that is extremely
sensitive and painful.

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Mosaic Warts

Other Foot Ailments

Plantar Warts
Different from callouses, they have
a tiny black dot and form a string-like
pattern on the bottom of the foot.

Ingrown Toenails
Inflamation of the soft tissue
at the very corners of the toenail.

Thickened skin on the bottom of the
foot often caused by poor fitting shoes.

Black And Blue Toenails
Pressure on the toes or a blow
that causes bleeding beneath the
toenail which turns black and blue.

Usually found on the heel of the foot,
blisters are pockets of liquid under
the skin caused by a
continual rubbing against shoes.

Athlete's Foot
A fungus that thrives on warm
moist conditions which
results in peeling and itchy skin.

Caused by strain through movement,
tendonitis can occur on the
back, front, inside and outside of the foot.